Perro Yayaprint

Who make this peculiar store?

For once we are the creators and designers of the products who have created and manage this store thanks to the technological support of Distintiva Solutions SL .
This is not like many other sectors where intermediaries fat prices without doing too much, at least not like one who take a risk, have the idea and you risk his own money producing something for himself.

But we do want to support other designers, so if you design products that you think we can produce and / or sell here, contact us and we chat.

Where did we come from?

From Madrid and Bask Country.
We are descendants of farmers grandparents and now as you see, we went out to sell what we have learned to do, because although we are few and sometimes cowards, we like to make things, inspired by many artists, currents, large or small works, graffiti on a wall, the point is take part, contributing with something. Who says "I never copies": lies, but the one always copy should work on an assembly line, don´t you think?. Because there are too many products alike for alike people ... and made by the same! almost always: large multinationals.

Where are we going?

This wont be able to answer it, yet.
No, seriously, we will try to keep doing things like this, and offer them to people as who is able to read these paragraphs without really knowing why or for those that some days gift you something when you are not celebrating anything.
Enough said ... Cheer up even if you don´t buy here ;)
Needless to say there, that for any bright ideas, spiritual advice or recommendation millionaire, you have to either share with us by e-mail, carrier pigeon or magpie chattering, will be welcomed.

Yeah, well ... But who are we?

Our store is in Spain and we also have our new Peruvian team with headquarters in Lima (Peru), resulting in a group of professionals with extensive experience in the design, advertising and decorative printing among other sectors. In this way we do production for Spain and Europe in Spain, and for Peru and Chile in Lima. Ah yes, our CIF: B-01367242. And if someone had "exactly" the same taste as us, all designs shown on this website are registered and have their rights reserved. Not be copied or used except with the consent of Distintiva Solutions SL But that's not a "NO never", we talked and we both can agree and go out winning, we exchange links ... who knows.

Is that your dog...?
Why, you want him...? (like Clint Eastwood said in a movie)
No, unfortunately not. We put the dog in honor of the gang "that black and white old TV series" ...
Carlos Nieto
Co-founder & Vinyl Designer